2nd May 2023

Bill Paton Three Bridges 50 year medallion 
Dave Penny 45 year badge
Tony Farmer 45 year badge
Steve Chatfield 20 year badge
Bob Kettle 30 year badge
Steve Chatfield, Mick Whelan, Mark johnson & Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts & Paul Edwards
Paul Horan & Sean Roberts
Helen Gander & Sean Roberts
Tony Farmer Retirement Certificate
Sarah Stinton Retirement Certificate
Perry Garland Retirement Certificate
Barry Brett & Ray Cooper
Barry Brett & Malcolm Bradford
Dick Lawrence & Ted Dent
Maurice Hunter & Brian Watson
Mick Whelan & Graham Penn
Ray Cooper & Ted Dent
Ray Cooper & Graham Penn
Paul Edwards, Marz Colombini, Mick Whelan & Tony Farmer
Mark Steele & Ron Terrill
Lino Aielo, Spike Jone & Barry Brett
Kevin Eade & Graham Penn
John Carney& John Osborne
Mick Whelan & Simon Weller
Unknown, Howard Watson, Barry Brett, Maurice Hunter, Eddie Fordham, Graham Penn Harry Penter, John Carney, Tony Harper & Dick William
Graham Penn & Ron Terrill
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