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17th May 2011

 Spike Jones & Bill MacKenzie



Mick Hawkins 


 John "Chalky" White & Ron "Burglar" Terrill

 Both are ex-Newhaven & Brighton footplate men


Andy Gregg & Bob Attwood





 Background L~ R:Matt Cole, Rex Kichener, Chris Newton, Terry Parsons, Mick Hawkins, Roger Matthews, Malcolm Gurr, Dave Penny, Mark Johnson, Tony Luff (Horsham), Phill Stoddart, Bill MacKenzie, Spike Jones, Colin Smith (T.Bdgs) & Dave Swaffield.

Foreground Steve Sylvester & John Hutson.

Tony Farmer & Dougal 


 Ken Punter (B'ton,W.W. & B'ham, Bob Waghorne (Ebne, Ore & etc) Chris Newton & John Lillywhite (Fratton & Bognor)

Andy Gregg & Roy Bond


Rodney & Charlie Constable  



 Left ~ Right: Tony Luff (Horsham), Ray Standing, Dougal, Bill Patten (T.Bgds), Ian Breeds, George Hards, Don Payne (Horsham)

 Left ~ Right: Ron "Burglar" Terrill & Gordon Hoad



 Vic Clarke, Dougal & Eddie Ricketts



  Left ~ Right: Vic Morris (Nhvn & Sfd), Peter Gambling, Roy Bond, Malcolm Bradford, John Mould (Ebne & Ore) Unknown, Billy Kenchington, Vic Clarke, Jackie Sanders (l'ham) & Dave Shopland (T.Bdgs).



 Left ~ Right: Mick Hawkins, Rod Constable, Dougal Charlie Constable & Bob Jones

  Claire De Marinis, Simon Weller, Simon Smith, Dave Swaffield Martin Style.



Background L ~ R: Mick Hawkins, Unknown, Charlie Constable, Bill MacKenzie, bob Jones & Unknown

Foreground Gordon Hoad, George Burton (Horsham), Ken Punter, John Lillywhite & Trevor Fielding


  Rex Kitchener



Left ~ Right: John Mould, Bob Waghorne, Vic Morris, George Hards, Ralph Stobbert, Bill Paton, Chalky White, Ian Breeds, Ray Hammond, Dougal, Andy Gregg, Malcolm Bradford & Roy Bond  

 Paul Edwards & Roger Matthews (Brighton & Westbury)



 Left ~ Right: Steve "Goosey" Gandey, Claire DeMarinis & Andy Gregg

 Left ~ Right: Ray Hammond & Ian Breeds


 Phil Plaine.

Phil entered the footplate grades at Brighton on 11.10.1943. Phil later transferred to Brighton E.M.U.T. in c1962. When Phil retired in mid 1989, he was to be the last member of his family to work on the railway within the Brighton area. This ending a long family connection to the railway industry which dates back to the 1860s.

During Phil's time at Brighton E.M.U.T. Phil served as Brighton No.2 Branch Secretary 1965 ~ 1972. and during the 1970s and up until 1988 as L.D.C. Secretarty, H&S Rep 1971 ~ 1988 and Chairman of the A.S.L.E.F. Southern Region District Council No.1.

The Brighton E.M.U.T. L.D.C. become known as the P.L.O. (the L.D.C. was formed of Phil Plaine Sec, Norman Light (Chair), Fred Locke & Laurie Osman) after the Palestine Liberation Organization.

It was also claimed by a number of Brighton drivers, that Phil could "walk on water"  because he won almost all of his cases when representing fellow ASLEF member Phil was also known as Petrocelli (this was a popular American lawyer programme on tele at the time and he on all his cases).

At the reunion I asked Phil if the claim that he could walk on water was true or not? Phil just smiled and and started to chuckle to himself and there was no answer forth coming to my question. This claim will just become another a myth of Brighton depot. 


 Left ~ Right Chris Horlock, Tim Schofield, Dave Morgan & Trevor Parsons. 



They used to have quiffs!!!

 Left ~ Right: Mark Organ & Dave Lace.

 Left ~ Right:  Spike & Dougal



Some of Brighton's Secondmen from the 1980s

 Left ~ Right Steve Blaikie, Dave Lace, Neal Cowdrey, Andy Carnell, Richard Lewis, Adrian Wales

 & Dave Morgan

 Back row Left ~ Right: Dave Morgan, Andy Carnell, Chris Horlock, Tim Schofield, Richard Lewis, Mark Organ, Trevor Parsons, Ian Osborne, Neal Cowdrey & Paul Edwards

Front row Left ~ Right: Steve Blaikie, Dougal, Colin Easton, Dave Lace, Matthew Cole, Roy Bond, & Tony Farmer.

 Left ~ Right: Trevor Fielding & Paul Edwards








Click on the icon above for

the history of the Brighton Branch of ASLEF

Click on the icon above for

the Sussex Motive Power Depots & ASLEF Branches


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