One of the main reasons for doing these web sites is to try and explain to everybody the history of the footplate grades, the conditions they had to work in and the creation of the A.S.L.E.F. branches within the Brighton & Sussex area.

I am therefore very grateful for people sending me personal photos from their personal collection and for allowing me to display them on the web sites. But unfortunately what is missing, are the stories that accompany them. What I want to do is to try and remedy this by starting to record the remaining stories that are still out there, before they too are lost in the midst of time.

I have added some information about some of the drivers that I know and the comments that have already have been sent to me.

If you too have any stories about your own working life on the footplate, the people that you worked with and the conditions you had to work in please send me and I will post, on the web site.

If you are interested in helping me in capturing these stories by any means possible please let me know.





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1988 ~ 1997 



Above Autumn 1993 Johnny Saunders re-learning steam on a Bullied's Mechant Navy "Port Line" for the Christmas steam specials on the Water Cress Line.


 Driver Johnny Saunders (Right) and his Fireman for the day Martin (Mickey) Brown (Norwood)


Appearing through the steam is Driver Johnny Saunders 


 Johnny Saunders


 1993 Christmas Steams Specials 

Above Driver Chic Debenham

and Right his fireman for the day

 Mick Hawkins at London Victoria 29.12.93.

 Working on the footplate of

 Bulleid's West Country 34027 "TAW VALLEY"


Below Taw Valley standing in Brighton station







Courtsey of Ted Janes


Ted entered the footplate grades at Brighton on the 1st November 1943. Ted left Brighton Loco for Norwood Loco in April 1954 to get his Driving job. Eight months later Ted was moving to the Motorman's depot at Crystal Palace Low Level where stayed for two years to the day before moving on to Selhurst for almost eighteen months.

Ted then had an accommodation move to West Worthing, as it was impossible to get to Brighton E.M.U.T. at that time. It was 1958 and Gatwick Airport was about to open and the Railway created dozens of vacancies to cope with extra work including four vacancies at WW. Ted had fourteen years at West Worthing with twelve drivers on each shift and Ted eventually decided to do a mutual change of depots with Brighton driver Ian Munro on the 22nd July 1974.

Ted Janes with one of his beloved 319

13:30 Brighton - Bedford in August 1988, the photo taken by Brighton driver John Long.


When Ted  started driving Electirc Multiple Unit Trains in 1954 (the year Ted become a Motorman) they had old two cars which had been converted from the old L.B.S.C.R. overhead dating back to 1918 or thereabouts, which had run as far as Coulsdon North, they had been built by "Seimans" and like all the stock on the Southern if something blew up or caught fire you could always isolate the offender and get back to depot with very little delay.

Unlike his beloved 319s which in his opinion should have all been on their sides on a tip somewhere as they were certainly the poorest example of railway engineering that Ted ever had anything to do with during his 50 years on the footplate






Left ~ Right: Roy Swetman, John Naisby (Train Crew Manager), Cyril Hutchings, Gus Wright, Don Hill, Harry Mitchell, Norman Light & John Brookshaw (A.T.C.M.)


 Above Laurie Osman (Left) & Geoff Lovell (Bedford) This photo was taken on Laurie's last driving turn at Bedford whilst awaiting to work his return trip back to Brighton. Laurie enter the footplate grades on 4th November 1948 at Brighton. Laurie tranferred to Addiscombe and then later moving back to Brighton E.M.U.T. Laurie spent many years on the Brighton E.M.U.T. L.D.C.



Left - Right: Phil Cherry (Bedford) & Dave Knight in Bedford Messroom Early 1990s.

Dave entered the footplate grade at Brighton on the 15.10.1951.

Dave spent his entire railway career at Brighton loco & E.M.U.T. Dave served for many years as a co-opted member of the E.M.U.T. L.D.C















Right Bert Long

Bert entered the footplate grade at Brighton loco on the 23.07.1951 . Bert spent his entire railway career at Brighton Loco/E.M.U.T




 Class 47 training course c1990

 Chris Newton departing Brighton station on the footplate of a Class 47 with a INTER-CITY train C1990. 

 Left - Right: Charlie Constable, Chris Newton, Brian Hall & Fred Maskell in the front. 


Left~ Right: Chopper Harris, Fred Maskell, Chris Newton & Brian Hall.


Left ~ Right: Brian Hall, Chris newton (Kneeling), Fred Maskell, Chopper Harris & Charlie Constable.


Alan Ricketts Collection 

Back row left - right: Derek Collingham, Alan Ricketts, Steve Simmons, Chris Haynes, Chopper Harris.

Front row John Lucas, Unknown 1 &  Ron Terrill

                                              Alan Ricketts Collection  

Derek 'Budgie' Collingham, Unknown, Alan Ricketts & Ron' Burglar Terrill



  Class 33 training course

Left ~ Right Graham Lawrence, Neil Wallhead, John Rutter (Instructor) & Bob Schofield (Norwood)


Crompton Training (Class 33s) 1996 with Johnny Rutter (Waterloo Instructor(ex Norwood)

Left ~ Right: Stu Fuller, Barry Brett, Richard Poole (Redhill) & Ray Frost (Redhill)


 Vic Clarke 

 Vic Clarke & Mac McCabe


 Left ~ Right: Bill James (Pongo) Trainman "G" (he moved up North??) & Driver Dave Knight

 arriving at Lewes with a Saturday only Inter-City to Eastbourne.

I think Dave is indicating that they are arriving on platform 2 at Lewes or they could be a couple of minutes late!!




 Ron Terrill and his trainman Jeff Edisbury at Eastbourne with the 'Sussex Belle' on the  11th September 1993


 Rex Kitchener at the North-end of Top Yard 30.11.95


Bob Attwood (Jetlag)


 Above Rex Kitchener driving Class 400 on the 16.4.89



Left Christmas Eve Morning in Brighton drivers room on the 24.12.88

L~R: Ian Breeds, Graham Lawrence &  Bert Long


 Danny Lodge on the footplate of a Class 37 ballasting at Pevensey in 1995.


 Mac McCabe second manning on a Crompton (Class 33 loco).

Mac McCabe Gallery

After being a way from the footplate for over six years. Mac re-started his railway career at Brighton M.T. on the 06.05.74. Mac gained his promotion to driver on Brighton E.M.U.T. in C1978. Mac later moved to the newly open Thameslink depot in October 1997.


Ken Benfell Collection



 Ken Benfell Collection





   Ron Hubbard's last day on the railways in 1992

Left ~ Right: Rod Constable, Ron Hubbard & Dick Lawrence.


Left ~ Right: Freddie Goff & Traction Inspector Ron Cann




Freddie Goff

Fred entered the footplate grades on 22th May 1944 at Newhaven Loco. With the closure of Newhaven Fred transferred to Brighton on the 9th February. Between 1970 - 1980 Fred was to serve as Brighton Branch secretary for the No. 1 branch. Fred later become the last "Royal Train Driver" for the Brighton area. 

 Fred Goff Gallery

Images taken from the Lavant & Drayton videos






Dougal's Gallery of photos


Maurice "DOUGAL" Hunter.

Dougal entered the footplate grade on the 28.12.1970 at Brighton M.T. In C1981 Dougal transferred to Brighton E.M.U.T. as aMotormoan transferring back to the M.T. depot in c1984. 

In c2000 Dougal transferred to Hither Green E.W.S. in the hope of a new E.W.S. depot to be established at Three Bridges.  With this depot not materialising, Dougal later transferred to Eastleigh where he remained until he was offered redundancy in 2009.


Barry Brown, at Gatwick Airport 1991

 Dave Pumfrey & Steve Gandey at Newhaven up yard with the Newhaven tippler train on the 19.11.90

Vic Sexton, Alan Ricketts & Maurice Gray 

 Rod Constable standing in front of a class 56 at Purley Sidings c1991  

photo by Martin Watts 


 M.T. to E.M.U.T.



Instructor Brian Hobby



Back Row Left - Right: Dave Pumfrey, Dickie Potts, Johnny Saunders, Peter Mantell, Unknown. & Chris Exley (Instructor)

Front Row: Left - Right: Ernie Meeds, Alan Hardiman, Mick Bassett (Chief Traction Inspector), 

Peter Staniford & Brian Young


Front Row L~ R: Russel Dare (Bognor (O.O.C.), Neal Cowdrey, Roy Swetman & Freddie Goff.

Middle Row L~R: John Lucas (Norwood), Bill Lawrence, Bernie Hayne & Ron Rabbetts

Back Row L~R: Alfie Pelling, Peter Gambling, Brian Hobby (Instructor), Reg Jarrett & Mick Neale (Horsham(Immingham)


 he last group of Brighton M.T. to learn the juice November 1988. Brian Hobby's worse nightmare coming true.

Left - Right: Dougal, John Osborne & Trevor Fielding 

 EMUT Traction Course

Left ~ Right: Steve Jones (Norwood), Ray Oatway (Unknown), Graham Penn (Instructor) Peter Bucknell 

Ian Glover (Redhill) and in the front, Vic Sexton & Martin Wright (Waterloo).



Ron Rabbetts


 Brian Young

Brian entered the footplate on the 21.07.1947 at Bournemouth. Brian transfered to Brighton in the late 1950s. Brian served as an A.S.L.E.F. L.D.C. rep for Brighton M.T. during the 1970's. 

 Ken Benfell Collection



Tony Farmer above left in Horsham messroom 1992 & above right driving a class 319.

 Matthew Cole

Right ivan wilson



 Martin Bloomfield

Phil Briggs  

on a "Bicycle Belle" at Brighton 1993


 The pictures below were taken at the 150 years of Brighton Station.

The open day was held in the station & in Lovers Walk depot 

on the 7th July 1991.




Peter Staniford on LBSCR engine class B1 214 "Gladstone" in LWS on the 7th July 1991 open day.

Peter start on the footplate on the 03.06.1952. at Brighton and transferred to Nine Elms to seek promotion to Fireman. Peter later transferring back to Brighton loco in the early C1960's



  Left - Right Matthew Cole & Peter Staniford

photos taken by Martin Watts


 Ron Terrill

 Gerry Aggett


Above Gerry Aggett on a West Country 

"Taw Valley"

Gerry entered the footplate grades on 10.03.1958 at Exmouth Junction (S.R.). Gerry come to Brighton E.M.U.T. via Littlehampton E.M.U.T. after being made redundant from Maidstone Barracks in 1984. Gerry had been at a number of depots on the South Eastern depots.

Above left Chris Newton on the footplate of "BR Standard Class 7 BRITANNIA"

Chris quailified as a Passed Engine Cleaner in 1963/64. and was quailified to volunteer to carry out caretaker duties on this locomotive for the day in Lover's Walk Depot.



 Vic Clarke

on a EDL 73101 "The Royal Alex"

(formerly The Brighton Evening Argus)


 Gordon Hoad



 Dave Penny (Redhill) & Brian Hall C1995

School liasson drivers for Sussex & Surrey area.




Dave Griffiths pictured working in his spare time on the steam railway on the Isle of Wight railway. Dave was qualified as a steam driver under British Rail whilst working at Aberyswyth.

 Dave transfered to Brighton from Westbury in C1995 and later moved to the Thameslink depot in C1998. Dave once again moved to frieghtliner at Eastliegh in 2001.



Dickie Potts ballasting on a class 47 at Pevensey & Westham in May 1993.

Dick ent

ered the footplate grade at Brighton loco on the 14.01.1952 . Dick spent his entire railway career at Brighton Loco/M.T.


Barry Shilliam in the early 1990s

Charlie Constable & Eddie Shrubb 

Eddie Shrubb 


Peter De Witt


A short video clip taken on the 4th May 1994 featuring Charlie Constable, Eddie Shrubb & Matthew Cole 

 Ian Dove 1990/91



Peter De Witt

Paul Evans Collection

Paul Evans 


Andy Gregg (left) being presented with his certificate after passing his Train Driving course c1994 by David Sawyer (Operations Director)

 Paul Evans in the cab of 1963 unit.


Claire De Marinis Collection

left - right Ken Middleton, Hans Dadey, Simon Armshaw, Wayne unknown, unknown, Gill Colwell, Ken Hall (Horsham), Paul unknown, Bob Kettle Claire De Marinis & Bill Simms,

seated unknown & Andy Gregg


 Back row from left to right. Ken Middleton, hans dadey, Simon armshaw, Wayne somebody, don't know, Gill, ken, Paul somebody, bob, claire, Bill sims. Terry somebody and me

Driver Training Course Waterloo South-side c1989

Back Row L-R: Unkown 1, George Wilkinson,Unkown 2, Unkown 3, Unkown 4, Unkown 5, Neil Butchers (Fratton).

Front Row Unkown 6, Unkown 7, Unkown 8, Mike Trodd (Fratton/Barnham)



Left: Brighton's last Train Crew Supervisors 02.10.96

Left ~ Right Back Row

Les Newland (ex Brighton driver), Lee Mair (ex Brighton (trainman) Bognor Regis driver), Alan Bartlett,

Front Doug Ovard & Ralph Ahlrichs 



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