One of the main reasons for doing these web sites is to try and explain to everybody the history of the footplate grades, the conditions they had to work in and the creation of the A.S.L.E.F. branches within the Brighton & Sussex area.

I am therefore very grateful for people sending me personal photos from their personal collection and for allowing me to display them on the web sites. But unfortunately what is missing, are the stories that accompany them. What I want to do is to try and remedy this by starting to record the remaining stories that are still out there, before they too are lost in the midst of time.

I have added some information about some of the drivers that I know and the comments that have already have been sent to me.

If you too have any stories about your own working life on the footplate, the people that you worked with and the conditions you had to work in please send me and I will post, on the web site.

If you are interested in helping me in capturing these stories by any means possible please let me know


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Matthew Cole standing in front of a class 73 at Lavant stone quarry, holding the Fishbourne Crossing - Lavant staff, c1981. 

The photo gallery below Matthew Coles is seen on a class 56 (left), and a class 33 (right) c1984 



Left - Right: Peter Mantell, Ronnie Abel & John Blaber c1980



Dave Morgan

receiving his (20th) birthday present from the lads of B'ton M.T. (03.02.1988)



Chris Stratton was a Secondman at Brighton from about March 1975 until October 1977, when he emigrated to New Zealand. I had a six month spell at Hither Green late 75/early 76 in order to gain my appointment as Secondman.

MY railway career may have lasted less than three years, but those times were some of the happiest in my working life. I do sometimes wonder what may have been had I remained at Brighton. It was an agonising decision to leave a job I enjoyed, even though the hours were awful and the pay equally awful.
After an 18 month spell in New Zealand, I moved to Australia where I continued my railway career for several years. I was a passed Fireman at the Eveleigh Depot in Sydney but left the industry in 1985. Modernisation and electrification of the New South Wales newwork combined with a hatchet man running the authority meant the smart thing to do was to take the redundancy package.




Brighton Secondmen let loose in Scotland

Left ~ Right: Nick Bullimore (Driver at Bognor Regis & Blyth) Danny Lodge & Ian Shackleton.

Pictured at Inverness Depot April 1976

Mark Organ c1981

(The Flying Organ) (The Flying Organ)



Sandra Baldwin c1981

Sandra was the first woman to enter the footplate grade of Secondman at Brighton M.T. on the 18.06.1979. Sandra left the railway industry in c1982



Left - Right: Karen Harrison, Celine Rocchia, Ann Winter, Sarah Wainwright, Tina Whybrow, Sandra Baldwin
and Tricia Roche c1980.


Front Left ~ Right Richard Williams (Brighton,) Ann Winter (now Ross (Norwood),

Les ? (depot unknown), Tina Whybrow (Hither Green)

Background Maurice Wales (Brighton EMUT), unknown & unknown


Dave Mulpeter Collection

Dave Mulpeter c1987

Paul Horan 



Ian Osborne


Ian Simmons on 73003 whilst propelling back into Hove Yard

Lee Ayling Collection


Left ~ Right: Steve "Shreddie" Simmons, Bob Maxim & Dave Rees (Norwood).



Neal Cowdrey in Hove Yard c1983

Above Tim Schofield 

at Angmering with the Ardingly Empty wagons en-route back to Westbury 24.04.1986  

Above Tim Schofield left in c1985 in front of 73101 and 

Above Right: Tim Schofield at Crawley New Yard c1986 on a Class 73 (J.A. E.D.L.)



Tight fitting trouser legs! Train Crew Manager Frank Heritage really had the hump as did his traction inspector John Norton. Johnny Saunders stood up for me though, instructing Norton to 'Get off our engine & don't start any of that nonsense here ' when Norton decided to have a go one day !

curtsey of Dave Lace






David Dixon Collection

MP12 course, Oct 1979 to April 1980.

Back row L-R, Neil (from Tonbridge), Dave Dixon (Basingstoke), John Robinson (Eastleigh) & Gerry Ellard (Tunbridge Wells West), Front L-R Paul Teti (Brighton), Pete Roberts (Instructor) & Pete Joshua (Eastleigh)




The M.P.12 Course of 1981/82

Alan Brindley (Eastleigh), Steve Bailey (Ashford), Graham Gardener (Ashford), Garry Sargent (Brighton), Dave Penny (Redhill (now at Brighton), Charlie Bagley (Dover), John? (Sittingbourne), Pete Austen (Faversham) and Steve West (Woking).



Andy Eggleden Collection

MP12 class in 1986,

Back row second from right

Mick Doyle



M.P. 12 Course 1988

(The Last MP12 Course at Waterloo south-Side)

Back Row L~R: Andrew Hurtley(depot ?), Barry Whitfield (Depot ?), Cliff Fletcher (depot ?), Mick Scott (Depot?), Unknown Trevor Parsons, Steve Simmonds

Front Row L~R: Colin Easton & Alan ? (Depot)






Traction Trainees Course 1974

Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Rutter & Mac McCabe (Brighton)



Traction Trainee Course May 1985

Brighton Traction Trainees

Tim Schofield (3rd from left) & Chris Edmunds (2nd from Right)



Traction Trainee Course at Basingstoke 1986

Rear L ~ R: Unknown (1), Unknown (2), Paul Miles (Depot?), Mick ? (Depot?), Colin Easton, Ian Chivers, Eric Christian (Training School),

Front L~ R: Unknown (3), Unknown (4), Unknown (5), Maurice Graham (Depot?)

Paul Green,Kev Ederle and Nick Hood Mick Scott






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the history of the Brighton Branch of ASLEF

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